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15+ WRX FA20 Pricing

$150 OTS+ Drunkmann "Flash & Go" 
STG 1/2 FA20 Only. (Uploaded Map Only. Custom tuning not included)


$350 FA20 Single Fuel Map

$450 FA20 STG1 Pump & E30 Mapping
(no fuel mods needed, stock cars only)

$500 FA20 Single Fuel plus E30 Mapping 

$650 FA20 Flex Fuel / Stock Turbo Only



$50 Burble/Pop Tune Add-on Feature

$100 Burble Map, Intake MAF scale etc

$200 FA20 Additional E60 Map with Prior Single Fuel Map Purchase 


Retune Rates Vary Based on new mods change and timing involved to retune vehicle ($200-500+) 

Anything is possible, please inquire for custom tunes needed for your automotive needs at

Drunkmann_Tuning Mod Sheet Form

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