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My philosophy as Drunkmann Tuning is to provide a superior driving dynamic in all aspects. I understand cars are driven hard for our shared passion for the thrill, so the nature of the tune must reflect and reciprocate. 

I create my own custom algorithms for timing, tailored fuel strategies, while increasing boost and performance. Your vehicle will run better and become more powerful, without jeopardizing reliability. The powerband will linear, safer, smoother, and above all more powerful. 

It is important to make the proper preparation and to be generally educated on this process. This is to ensure that every step involved is done smoothly and efficient in nature.

My ranges for customer use ranges from daily drivers, to "track only" vehicles.  Where you are in the spectrum, your Drunkmann tune is verified for dependable  performance without compromise. 


I have tuned thousands of vehicles of all makes, models, performance use, and have the confidence to be able to assist you in your goal.



Anthony Berry
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